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Koei Industrial Co.,Ltd. has developed into a comprehensive trading company that supplies diverse products and service to various industrial sectors by taking a unique stance through which it participates in the “manufacturing”of superior product under special contracts with leading manufacturers in individual specialist fields.

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Koei Vietnam plays a role as a bridge in Technology and Service between Vietnam and Japan. By investing on the human resource, the state-of-the-art technology and machine, Koei Vietnam commits to provide high-quality and eco-friendly product to customer and society.

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Zenwood is a plastic wood product that is manufactured based on a blend of wood pulp and resin, creating a highly durable and environmentally friendly compound. Thanks to modern Japanese manufacturing technology, Zenwood plastic wood is not only a brand of quality but also a symbol of a long-term existence. Zenwood is highly regarded in the international market for its outstanding features and diverse designs.


Zenwood is manufactured with Japanese technology, certified by the Japanese Environmental Association of Green Product Standards - Ecomark and is highly appreciated in international markets such as America, Europe, Australia ... Zenwood eliminates most of the disadvantages of natural wood, ensuring colors do not fade, do not warp, shrink, termite, acid and are not deformed at high temperatures.


Construction is easy, so Zenwood is applied in many categories and for many subjects. Zenwood is especially used in many outdoor categories such as swimming pool floor, garden, decorative lamination, wooden door ... and other landscape items. More specifically, thanks to its acid resistance, Zenwood is preferred for resort projects, marine resorts ...

Easy to install

Designed for high applicability, Zenwood can be dismantled and reused in almost any project. That is why not only construction engineers but also housewives can assemble and complete their own house.

Construction creatively

As an alternative to natural wood, Zenwood is highly applicable and inspires architects to create modern and unique works.

Safe and friendly

By reusing clean raw materials, Zenwood is therefore safe for users and environmentally friendly. This is a characteristic that not all products have as Zenwood.

Zenwood - Smart plastic wood

Not only stopping the concept of being a building material, Zenwood also aims to be a smart wood plastic product with high applicability and environmental friendliness.

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Koei Industries - Plastic wood manufacturer from Japan

Zenwood is a technology pioneer in the field of new building materials,

not only in Japan, Vietnam but also in international markets.

We are proud to bring values ​​from Japan to Vietnam.


Oishi Masahiro


President of Koei Industries - Zenwood

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